Erosion patterns

I am creating art based on the underlying order of our surroundings. I started with the interactions between liquids and now I am following that with erosion patterns. I aimed to only highlight the pattern and connect the viewer directly. I started with creating pieces under water by the seashore and then I made sure the pattern had good contrast. This test piece takes it further and uses dark particles on a reflective surface.


Upcoming exhibition

I will be exhibiting my artwork in Renzos starting from Tues 29th August. This image indicates the different sizes of paintings I usually produce. I expect to display 12 medium and small pieces.



Hi Folks, Thank you all for your kind words and messages so far. I am posting another image from the sand erosion series. Please excuse the frequent posts today. I am testing a new uploading method that works with my website and I am trying to get the formatting right.



No.5 Scipressionism

Another in my series of works that incorporate natural forces. Custom paints on panel 16″X16 x1″

Custom mixed media on panel. W10" x L16" x D1"    Ref: Malone No. 52017 €300
Custom mixed media on panel. W10″ x L16″ x D1″

Ref: Malone No. 52017 €300

Ocean Sands

I utilise natural forces in my artwork. More sculpture than painting this study for a larger work was created in the Atlantic and uses how the ocean forms patterns in sand. wave-action2_D3S8312

Engage Studios

I have just been accepted as a core member of the Engage Art Studios.

Engage Art Studios offer studio space to artists in Galway city. Founded in 2004, Engage supports contemporary artists in a professional environment.

Please visit

Exhibition in Galway

After a long hiatus I am taking part in a new group exhibition at the Bank of Ireland Theatre NUI Galway. The exhibition is part of the Galway colour fringe festival and runs from June 27 till Friday, July 1.  My new scipressionist work is on a grander scale. The piece you see here is 48 X 48 inches and in the near future I wish to create larger works. While I will be continuing to develop this style of painting and getting other artists and scientists to think about it, I am developing a couple of new concepts in areas I’m interested in. One of the concepts involves visual sound. The other idea is about challenging and exploring representational art with work that confronts ideas about what it is and why it exists.


Scipressionism: Towards A Manifesto Continued

Within the term scipressionism is a wish to merge the processes and ways of thinking both artists and scientists draw upon to create and discover. Work is less about collaborations of separate disciplines and more about combining them. This is not to say that worked derived from collaborations would not adhere to scipressionist ideals, in fact collaborations are essential to them. The key point is that scientists become a little more like artists in their approach to solving problems and think about their projects in a wider context. Artists become a little more scientific in their approach when it comes to their work. I would like to use the example of the impressionists again. The impressionist artist’s approach to painting was as much about scientific experiment as personal expression. Works of impressionism can be described as scientific art but they also have scipressionistic aspects in the fact that the scientific principles relating to light theory are embedded seamlessly with what was desired to be expressed. Successful works of scipressionism represent a new development in the expression of ideas where scientists and artists are viewed as more similar types of people than we currently think they are. Collaborations between “artist” and “scientist” will be viewed as two people in a single discipline working towards a common goal. Whether the artwork takes a physical form or not is not really a factor in determining what constitutes a work of scipressionism or not. How the work was created, the reasoning and the development behind it will be just as important as whatever is presented itself. I reiterate that I currently do not think the work presented needs be something physical. There are no limits as to what other movements may arise out of this approach. Engineering and fashion could produce interesting outcomes for example. These final points are important but will need to be discussed in a later post.

Scipressionism: Towards A Manifesto

My thoughts on this movement are still a work in progress and the final outcome will be a manifesto. Scipressionist works could be described as SciArt. I find SciArt is an artwork inspired or linked directly in some way to developments in science. It is also safe to say that science is sometimes inspired by art. Whichever source of inspiration comes first, it is usually the case that the creation of Scientific Art is a matter of one idea following another. The link with science within works of this nature are not necessarily obvious or visible to the casual observer. It is necessary that Scipressionistic work clearly projects its link with science as well as embedding scientific aspects within the work. Ideally works presented under Scipressionism should have at once, both scientific and artistic merit and observably so. A work definitely falls under the term Scipressionism if Scientific endeavour merges with artistic expression in a way where neither mode of enquiry can be discerned from the other. This rule must stand regardless if it was not possible to create that artwork without knowledge or the existence of certain scientific principles in the first place.

The public will have as much say as the Scipressionists do in determining what constitutes a work of this nature and will decide if any of my work fits under the same heading. However, it is certain that if the artwork plays some part in a new scientific discovery it can be described as a work of Scipressionism. For work to be described a Scipressionist one should feel that art and science appear as the same process both in the process of creation and in the final outcome. Even the development of work  will have as much scientific and artistic merit attributed to it as the final outcome purports to have.